Inside VNN: Kate Dupon, Product Manager


I started my journey here at VNN just 2 months ago as a UX designer (User Experience designer: enhances the experience between a user and a product), then switched to product management. I’m in the business to uncover and manage opportunities for our current products. Innovation is key to my role here. I have to constantly be aware of new products in the marketplace, and see our own products through development.

I studied at Ferris State University and got a gig for graphic design after graduation at the Ferris State University Design Project Center. I also worked with Gordon Food Services and at Brightly for 3 years, also in graphic design. After that I worked at Gilson Graphics as a UX Designer and managed to find myself here at Varsity News Network shortly after.

Currently, the Product Development team and I are working on revamping our school athletic websites. Our goal is to make them more mobile friendly and also work harder on improving the overall experience for our users. Some projects we are working on now include evaluating our professional suite of products that touch the athletic director most such as VNN Alerts, Pressbox, etc.

I wish I had a specific favorite moment so far working here, but honestly I just love the team atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and has your back. VNN really sticks out to me from previous workplaces because of how much the team cares about our customers and co-workers. Everyone is treated with respect and included in events, no matter where you fall in the company.

When I’m not at the office working hard to improve our products, you can find me biking, hiking, or camping. My two favorite hobbies are outdoor activites and house projects like renovations.

unnamedWhat first sparked my interest in product development was the idea that you can continuously innovate products. I had always wanted to be a “Maker” growing up, making random things, cooking, building furniture, and sewing. Graphic design and product management allow me to do  these things and let my creativity flow.

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