Saline Joins VNN And Hits The Ground Running

With a full sports calendar year under the belt of VNN now,  the Michigan based company that set up shop in West Michigan is now expanding it’s horizons and moving across other regions in the state.  The first east side school to join the network is Saline.  Just about 10 minutes south of Ann Arbor, Saline High School has exploded in growth over the past 15 years.  In 1996, the school had just over 900 students.  Today, the Hornets are double that size and their Athletics program has seen the same type of growth.

The Hornets previously had a website that was cutting edge but they wanted to take what they were doing well and take it to the next level.  Athletic Director Rob White recently did an interview with an online local newspaper, the Saline-Milan Patch and had this to say.  “Technology continues to change and it provides us more opportunities.”

When cut back on its sports coverage, White saw a need that wasn’t being met.

“High school sports coverage isn’t where I’d like to see it—especially for some of the less mainstream sports like tennis, water polo or lacrosse. We wanted a site that would help bring our athletes the recognition they deserve,” White said.

White has big plans for the site this year which was quoted in the article as well, “Starting this fall, aspiring writers, journalists, videographers and photographers from Saline High School will be on the sidelines taking notes, asking questions and shooting pictures and video. White hopes the students will cover four or five athletic events each week. Students will do the work for extra credit.”

The Hornets also will be making a big push to promote and integrate their own spirit store, where parents can purchase Hornets clothing, gear and accessories in just a few clicks.

Saline is just one example of a school utilizing all of the efforts we have put forth to develop new features on a monthly basis.  The network is growing in coverage and in capabilities.  Saline will also be using the site as an informational tool for vital programs, such as Pay to Play and online handbooks for coaches and parents.

White finished the article with this quote that sums it up, “I think it will make things more convenient for parents, for the coaches, for the students and the parents.”

Thanks Rob, this gives great meaning to the old Field of Dreams mantra, “If you build it they will come.”  Yes and in the the case of Saline, they will not only come but when they get here, they will take full advantage of all the tools and pump out a winner that leads by example.

After founding Friday Night Titans in the Summer of 2004, 7 years later a regional football coverage site has grown into a network of high school sports coverage across the state of Michigan, forming the Varsity News Network which was established in 2010. You can follow me on Twitter @frinighttitans.
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