Varsity News Network Joins Endeavor!

Varsity News Network recently partnered up with Endeavor, a company that chooses entrepreneurs to help grow their company share, headquartered in New York City. VNN is the first company in Grand Rapids to be selected through a rigorous, multi-step interview process that CEO Ryan Vaughn tackled with ambition. The reason our company was chosen was based on the technology we have, and the valuable resources we can provide to high school athletic programs.

VNN was approached by Endeavor when Endeavor created their office in Detroit, Michigan. Once VNN was identified, they did a local selection panel-group of established entrepreneurs or investors who interview you about your business. If they believe you have an opportunity to go very big very quickly, you’re in the running. If you get past that step, you head to the International selection panel. People from all over the world flew in for this event. You go in and present your business to these people, then they vote. The catch is that it has to be completely unanimous. You talk to 6 people total and they sit in a room and discuss. 5 out of 6 votes and you’re out. 6 out of 6 and you made it. Less than 3% of companies make it through. That’s a lower admissions rate than Harvard Business School.Image-1

Pictured above is VNN’s CEO, Ryan Vaughn (middle) with his new Endeavor colleagues. The photo was taken in Boston at Fenway Park for an official dinner. Vaughn stated, “We are thrilled to be chosen to be in Endeavor’s network, and as a company, we look forward to utilizing their resource to amplify our impact on high school sports.”

Endeavor is proud to partner with us because it is their chance at strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Michigan. The company will provide us with services and mentors to accelerate our growth around the nation. Endeavor aids in job selection and building business ecosystems, and have chosen over 1,000 entrepreneurs to support.

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