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Last updated: 02/11/19
by VNN Development Team

V1 Release

  • Scorebird widgets on team pages – live game scoring 
  • Overnight or manual schedule sync for Alabama schools (via C2C)
    • Syncs to team schedule pages and school calendar page


Scorebird and VNN Integration - Web Stream Live Scoring Widget


Scorebird has been a GREAT addition to our athletics programs.  The seamless integration that it provides for our fans is outstanding.

Jamie Lowry
Athletic Director
Scottsburg High School (IN)

Not only do our families love being able to watch the live score feed when they are unable to attend, we have had numerous community members who no longer live here in South Jordan comment that they love the fact that they can follow along with the game from their living room.

Andrea Bouwhuis
Athletic Director
Bingham High School (UT)

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