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An employee handbook is full of things not to do. They’re typically written as if the company held a meeting to brainstorm all the problems that could possibly come up, and then sat down to write a policy around each of them.  

People might be late = Strict 9-5 working hours.  

People might get lazy = Max 1 hour lunch break.  

People might get off task = Follow management’s direction.

Mostly, they’re tactics to avoid problems that management has experienced in the past. And like most all corporate policies, they are written with the lowest common denominator in mind.

On the other hand, if your company consists of highly talented professionals, among the best in their field, then it seems like “how do we avoid problems?” is the wrong question.

What if, instead, your company managed to the highest common denominator?

What if you asked: “What do the most talented professionals in their industry need, in order to produce their best work?”

Think you might get a different handbook?

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