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The essential high school sports marketing platform

The key to building a great athletic department is good communication. Unlike before, when paper documents and phone calls were the best way to reach parents, athletes and fans, communities across the US are more and more used to finding information online. VNN’s SportsHub platform allows you to leverage these channels get your communities the information they need.

The secret is leveraging the tasks you’re already doing everyday, connecting them to VNN’s platform, and delivering that information to places online where families can receive it, including on a custom-branded website, your school’s social media pages (Facebook and Twitter), SMS Text Messages, Email, and in the news.

How it works

Manage the tasks you already do everyday with VNN tools

The hardest part about going online is getting your information there. Our online tools plug into the essential tasks you already have to do and make it easy for you to manage.

  • Athletics scheduling
  • Media score reporting
  • Game cancellations, Updated times/locations
  • Yearbook and Newsletter Stories
  • Game Photos
  • Game videos and highlights
  • Sport registration
  • Athlete Eligibility
  • Roster Management
  • Live-Streaming

Connect to companies, associations and fundraisers you’re already working with

Our goal is to seamlessly deliver information to your high school sports community. With different state association requirements, relationships, and long-time partnerships established in your athletic department, we’re committed to connecting to the companies you’re already working with and introducing you to new ones to make your VNN platform better through data-syncing and unique integrations.

VNN automatically communicates information digitally to the right people, in the right places

Every member of your community has different preferences for how they get information. Instead of choosing one or two, meet parents, athletes, and fans where they are.

  • Custom-branded, ADA-compliant website
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Text Messages / SMS
  • iCal / Google Calendar
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Media / Newspapers

Earn money for your programs through VNN’s revenue-sharing program

VNN is the platform that pays you for using it. Our local team helps you monetize your online presence by selling advertising in your community, connecting your school to national brands, and generating revenue for you through eCommerce.


  • “VNN has completely transformed the visibility of our sports programs.”

    Justin Ferdinand
    Justin Ferdinand Half Moon Bay HS Cougars (CA)
  • “Once your coaches realize how easy VNN is, it becomes a dream tool for your department.”

    Bob Matz
    Bob Matz Lower Richland HS Diamond Hornets (SC)
  • “The VNN website has been a game changer for our athletic department. I love how it provides a traditional website with a nice blend of social media.”

    Patrick S. Kellogg
    Patrick S. Kellogg Spain Park HS Jaguars (AL)
  • “Hoover Athletics​​ wanted to be cutting edge with our website, and we have done just that!”

    Andy Urban
    Andy Urban Hoover HS Buccaneers (AL)
  • “The website gives each sport an equal platform regardless of team size We’ve created a huge following due to VNN.”

    Jeff Scheller
    Jeff Scheller San Mateo HS Bearcats (CA)
  • "On numerous occasions, I have received feedback from staff, parents, and even local press on how easy our VNN site is to navigate and the abundance of information it provides to them."

    Jason Mattern
    Jason Mattern DuVal HS Tigers (MD)

Meet Our Network

When you choose VNN as your digital communications platform, you’re not just joining us, you’re being connected to our network of over 2,000 other athletic directors across the United States.

Here’s how our ADs use VNN in their daily lives.


The Connector

Lee Laskowski – Clayton High School (MO)

“As an athlete at the D-1 level you really get to experience what it takes to run a sport, program and school under one collective identity.  It was amazing to see how fellow athletes, classmates, professors, alumni and community members – a group so large – were all brought together by one common thread, athletics.”


The Power Player

Sam Skidmore – Belton High School (TX)

“Parents love to go to our website and look through the photo galleries and save pictures of their kids. Our media department covers Varsity sports pictures and photo albums. We have about 20 photographers per football game to ensure a cohesive photo gallery.”

Over 2,000 schools trust VNN to help them communicate.


The Tag Team

Jim Smith and Robin Spiller – Northmont High School (OH)

“Attempting to fix this issue on their own, all of our different sports teams started creating their own individual websites, and while a good gesture, when Jim and I discussed, we decided that one concise place to go online was what we needed for our Athletics Department – so we got in touch with VNN.”


Building the Platform

James Marlow – Lugoff-Elgin High School (SC)

“With that said, technology was important to me – things I could good do well based on my experience in the English department; instant information, instant community organization. That became a huge focus of mine. Getting the community involved was number one. We’ve got a great school, great kids, and making sure everyone knows what’s happening here at LEHS makes a big difference.”


Hands-on Learning

Ryan Ridenour and Chris Morris – Agua Fria High School (AZ)

“We developed the plan so that we could spread our efforts across every event on campus, including student organizations, sports, and clubs. We shine light on those that have moved on to college and/or professional careers, as well as showcasing those that currently attend Agua Fria. Everything is student produced.”


Ready to know more? We’d be happy to drop by and chat about how to reach your goals with VNN.

  • Focused on high school athletics
  • Local sales teams in your community
  • ADA-Compliant
  • Dedicated regional support team
  • Hands-on training
  • Revenue sharing
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