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Thanks for choosing VNN to be your athletic department communication partner. We’re excited to get started. Below you’ll find all the information you need to get started setting up your site and what to expect from the onboarding process, along with tips and links that’ll help you along your way.

100 Weeks
Current site build lead-time

What to expect

  • Goals Call

  • Site Review

  • Training Call

  • Site Launch

  • Monthly Follow-Ups

Goals Call – Your first meeting with VNN’s Support Team – This is where you’ll meet your Media Leader, talk about your goals for the site, and discuss how you’d like your site to be set-up.

Site Review – Our second meeting happens once your site has been created, where we’ll double-check everything is right with you, and we’ll make edits.

Training Call – Once the site is approved, you’ll meet your trainer – and they’ll be teaching you how to use the site, from adding articles to automating content through Pressbox.

Site Launch – Your site goes live! Have a party at your school.

Monthly Follow-Ups – After launch, your media leader will check in each month to ensure you’re hitting the goals you set and tell you about new product updates.

What to prepare for your goals call:

Goals Call Checklist

  • What are you hoping to achieve with your site?
    • Examples
      • We need to showcase our athletes more.
      • We’ve got to communicate more effectively to our community.
      • We want our website to help build our school athletics brand by looking great.
      • We need to publicize our school identity more.
      • Other
  • What is special about your school that we can leverage into site success?
    • Examples
      • A strong journalism class
      • Passionate coaches willing to help
      • Superstar boosters
  • What’s your school’s enrollment?
  • What’s the best way to reach you?

Setting up your site:

Featured Content

10. Player of the Week

11. Embedding video

12. Live streaming

Extra Credit

13. Paperless Forms

14. Season Tickets, Booster Memberships, and Transactions

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