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Thanks for taking the SportsHub 2 tour. Below you’ll find updates to the design and functionality of your new platform along with new features. If you have any questions, send us a note at

design updates


SportsHub 2 is designed for mobile devices and parents who need info on the go. Schedules, Articles, Photo Galleries, and the rest of your pages render for the whatever screen they’re on.


How do you want to brand your school: Athletes, Facilities, Team Pictures, Fans?  Choose from 3 different options:

Premier Custom ($400)
Custom ($200)
Classic (Free)

SH2 Tour


The old days of remembering two passwords are gone. Your login to your SportsHub website is now the same as the one you use for your dashboard.

To sign in, go to your athletic website and click login. Your username will always be your email address. Forgot your password? Click here to reset it.

SH2 Tour


A new mobile optimized design called for an updated menu structure. The “more” tab on SportsHub 2 allows you to have as many menus as you would like.

SH2 Tour


The bottom right hand corner of your SportsHub 2 website is your go-to help center. The community can find your latest alerts and you can access our library of tutorials, submit a request or start a live chat.


Sportshub 2 has a calendar for your community to view all events that are happening this week/month. Check out the calendar tab in your main navigation or view this week’s events on the right hand side of any page!

SH2 Tour


Creating a new story hasn’t changed much. But there are a few differences you should know about:

  • Articles are now called posts
  • Categories are now called team tags
  • To add a story to the slideshow, you just select the featured box

Let’s walk through the steps below:

  1. Hover over “posts” and click “add new”
  2. Enter your title
  3. Enter the body of your article
  4. To add the story to the slideshow check the “featured” box on the right hand side. *Slideshow stories must have a featured image, so don’t skip step 5!
  5. Add a featured image in the “featured image” box on the right hand side. Click “set featured image”. Choose the image you would like from your desktop or media library. Click “set featured image”.
  6. To add the story to team pages scroll to the section on the right hand side called “team tags”. Start typing in the team you would like to tag i.e boys varsity basketball. Click add.
  7. Click Publish


Photo galleries are still the #1 reason community members come to your athletic website. Here are the steps to creating a new photo gallery. Step #4 is new, so don’t miss it!

  1. Hover over “photo galleries” and click “add new”
  2. Enter your title
  3. Click “add media”
  4. On the left hand side click “create gallery”
  5. Either upload or select the files from your media
  6. Click “create new gallery”
  7. Click “insert gallery”
  8. To add the story to team pages go to the “team tags” box on the right hand side. Start typing in the team you would like to tag i.e girls varsity volleyball. Click add.
  9. Click Publish



You can now create and manage all of your own menus! Each custom menu will appear under the “More” tab and you can add pages, custom links or files under each menu!

Creating a Page And Adding It To A New Menu 

  1. Login to your website
  2. Hover over the +New tab at the top of your screen and select Page
  3. Enter in your title and add content to your content box
  4. In the top right section, click the blue Publish button
  5. Hover over “Appearance” on the left-hand sidebar and click “Menus”
  6. Click “Create new menu”
  7. Type in the name of your new menu
  8. Click “Create Menu”
  9. From the “Pages” box on the left-hand side, check the box next to your page, and select Add to Menu.
  10. Click the blue Save Menu button.

* Your menu will not appear on the front end of the website until you add a page, file or link below it. 

Adding Custom Links to a Menu

  1. Hover over “appearance” and click “menus”
  2. Choose the menu from the dropdown that you would like to add a link to
  3. On the left hand side click on “custom links”
  4. Type in the URL that you want your link to go to i.e
  5. Enter “link text” i.e OHSAA
  6. Click “add to menu”
  7. Click “save menu”

Adding Files to a Menu 

  1. Hover over media and click “add new”
  2. Click “select files” and choose your file from your computer
  3. Click “open”
  4. Once the file has uploaded, click “edit” next to the title
  5. Copy the file URL on the top right hand side
  6. Hover over “appearance” and click “menus”
  7. Choose the menu from the dropdown that you would like to add the file to
  8. On the left hand side click on “custom links”
  9. Paste the URL that you just copied for the file
  10. Enter “link text” i.e Physical Form
  11. Click “add to menu”
  12. Click “save menu”



SH2 give you the ability to add, remove and customize all of your own team names! This feature has been added inside Teammate on

Adding a new Team 

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Teammate
  3. Click “add team”
  4. Choose season
  5. Choose sport. Start typing the name of a sport and select from dropdown list (if what you are looking for is not listed, choose the closest sport to it and you can rename later! i.e crew / rowing)
  6. Choose gender (click “hide it” if you do not want to display gender)
  7. Choose level. If the one you are looking for does not exist, choose the closest to it and then click “not quite right”. This will allow you to add a custom level i.e Middle School to Junior High or Freshmen to Frosh/Soph
  8. Click Save

Editing a Sport Name
i.e Track to Track & Field

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Teammate
  3. Click “Edit Sport Names”
  4. Find the sport name you would like to edit and add your new sport name in the box to the right.
  5. Click Update

Editing an Existing Team

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Teammate
  3. Click on the team you want to edit
  4. Click “Edit Team”
  5. You can change the season, hide/show the gender or click on “not quite right” to change the team name
  6. Click Update

Removing a Team

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Teammate
  3. Click on the team you want to remove
  4. Click “Edit Team”
  5. Choose “archive”
  6. Confirm deletion

*Important: Archiving a team deletes it for good and you cannot restore data for that team



Your site will still sync with your Facebook and Twitter account per usual but you now have the ability to manage your connection!

Setting up a Facebook account 

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “let’s get started” in the blue box that reads “You haven’t configured a Facebook page for your school yet”
  3. Click “connect to facebook”
  4. Log into your Facebook page
  5. Select the “athletics” facebook page you would like to connect with

If the facebook page you want to connect to does not appear, you may not have access to it. Check with the person who created the page to gain access. 

Setting up a Twitter account

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “let’s get started” in the blue box that reads “You haven’t configured a Twitter page for your school yet”
  3. Click “connect to twitter”
  4. Enter your Twitter Handle & Password

We’re so excited to have you on the new mobile optimized platform! If you still have questions you can check out tutorials on, live chat us from your website, or submit a ticket here!

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