General Sponsorship Terms

The duration of the sponsorship agreement between Sponsor (herein referred to as ‘Merchant’) and School Partners is twelve (12) months from the time the Merchant’s ad is posted on the selected partner school(s) website. The sponsorship term start and end dates will be confirmed on the Merchant’s onboarding call with a VNN (herein referred to as ‘Seller’) Advertising Account Specialist.

The selected inventory & pricing on form submission is subject to change pending inventory availability. Merchant will not be charged until onboarding call with VNN Advertising Account Specialist, at which time the sponsorship and payment terms will be finalized.

Onboarding Call

The time for an onboarding call between Merchant and VNN will take place at the selected by the Merchant upon initial form submission. VNN will call the Merchant at the number provided to confirm the sponsorship agreement details, including partner schools, ad placement, cost & flight dates. Billing information will be provided by the Merchant to VNN at the time of the onboarding call.


All invoices have payment terms of Net 15. If paying with a credit card, Merchant card will be charge upon receipt unless otherwise noted in writing. VNN reserves the right to request full payment before publishing any advertisement. In all cases, VNN will be entitled to its reasonable attorney fees and costs in enforcement of this agreement.

Ad Approval

Merchant will be sent a proof of its advertisement(s) within 7 business days of contract submission. Merchant will have 72 hours to approve or make changes to the advertisement. If no response is received, VNN will place the ad. After the ad is placed it is final until the end of the term except at the sole discretion of VNN. Failure to send artwork within the specified time frame or failure to approve ad shall not release Merchant of its obligation to pay the full agreement price. 

Ad Changes

Merchants purchasing Title and Gold A advertisements may request up to three artwork changes per the term of this agreement. Merchants purchasing any or all other ad positions may request up to one artwork change per the term of this agreement. Changes beyond the specified amounts may be purchased by the Merchant. 

Ad Creatives

If merchant is designing and providing their own creatives, VNN may post a temporary creative to reserve my space on the website until merchant’s creatives have been submitted; billing will commence on the contract start date noted on the sponsorship & media agreement.


This agreement may be terminated by VNN for any reason provided that it reimburse Merchant a prorated return based on the remaining time of the term. Merchant may cancel the Agreement only after payment in full of the total amount for the year and will not be entitled to any refund.

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