It’s summer, and school being out means the sports season is over as well. We’re sure you may be worried that these few months are a sort-of ‘dead season’ for your athletic site, but never fear! There are plenty of ways to continue attracting visitors to your website as you gear up for Fall sports. Here are just some of the many themes and ideas you can try:

Looking Back

1. “2015-16 In Review”: Write a weekly series that recaps your department’s successes over the past year, month-by-month. This could even turn into a 10 or 11 week series! It’s a great way to keep readers engaged, while simultaneously featuring the successes of your young athletes and coaches.

2. New Photo Galleries: In a similar vein, you can recap your season with photo highlights from the previous season. The new pictures will give parents the opportunity to find great action shots of their kids, athletes the opportunity to re-live some glory moments, and maybe even fans the opportunity to set a new Desktop picture!

Student Highlights

1. 2016 Graduate Bios: Give some recognition to the out-going seniors by writing a bio recap of their athletic (and perhaps academic) career, starting with their freshman year and progressing through their senior year.

2. Club Sports: Another way to feature your student-athletes is by following their present  athletic pursuits. Many of your student-athletes may be competing during the summer months with their club teams, sometimes across the nation! Parents and fans will love to read about these athletes’ summer sports adventures and achievements.

  1. New Facilities: Some of your facilities may be getting a facelift this summer. Or maybe you’re even getting a brand new track or basketball court, etc. Keep the community up-to-date with these exciting improvements!

Looking Forward

1. New Coaches: Bringing in any new coaching staff members this season? Create some nice bio articles, or interviews with them! This allows athletes and parents alike to get to know their coach better.

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