As you may have heard from our countless phone calls and email blasts, “varticles” – shorthand for voting articles – are all the rage in schools across our network. These varticles involve polls that readers can vote on; the most common example of this has been an “Athlete of the Month” poll.

Varticles like these offer the opportunity to showcase student-athletes from multiple teams and engage the community through fun competition. Perhaps unsurprisingly, page views and traffic numbers for schools that have taken this step have greatly increased! Send an email to to get started!

Poll Examples:

  • Fall Student Athlete
  • Best Fall Team
  • Fall Season Best Coach
  • Best athlete of all time
  • Spirit Week – Which Class has the most spirit
  • Fan Favorite Photo


  • Whitmire HS – 14,500 reads
  • Bird HS – 8,700 reads
  • Bob Jones HS – 13,000 reads
  • Johns Creek HS – 8,700 reads
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