Reebok Picks VNN to Promote JJII Launch



Let’s take a second and talk about JJ Watt. You might know him as a Wisconsin Badger, Houston Texan, Pro-Bowler and frightening to see on the other side of the line if you’re a quarterback. Today, he launched his $99 collaboration with Reebok, the JJ II’s.

He’s also behind VNN’s latest collaboration with brands to reach local high school parents, athletes, and fans at scale, which also launched today. It promotes Reebok’s JJ II Experience, a live event traveling through Houston and Austin, where athletes can gear up in the new JJ II’s and see how they stack up against JJ’s times in box jumps, tire flips, and the shuttle run. He filmed a video inviting athletes from the region to the event — check it out here.

The comprehensive campaign runs from July 14 through August 13 and includes display, native media, email, and social.
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