Summer Camps

Post pictures and articles about the latest happenings at your sports camps. This is a great way to show your community you are engaged with your students, even when school is not in session.

Create a Hall of Fame.

Northmont High School decided it was time for their alumni to keep recognition by creating a Hall of Fame. They created a tab that directs you to any year of your choosing, where you can browse those who were inducted. You can even find a complete program with pictures and stories from each individual year if you click to view their full program. This is a great way to add a sentimental piece to your site, where alumni can go and look back at their feats. Check it out here.


Upload photo albums regularly with clear pictures.

Photos are everything. Assigning someone or a team of people to regularly attend games and take photos will be a huge benefit to your website. You can upload these photos to individual photo galleries that parents, fans, and athletes love to look through and watch themselves and their team in action.  It gives them the opportunity to relive those great moments.

Post updates on new facilities or equipment.

Students are always excited when a new gym, turf, uniforms, or weights are on the way. Keep your community in the loop by posting regular photos of the upgrades being worked on and completed to pump up students for the upcoming season

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