Paperless Player Sign-Ups


Joining the team has never been easier.

Say goodbye to paper forms and file cabinets. VNN Registration gives parents the ability to log-in and sign-up for sports at your school from any device, and manages team clearances and eligibility in one place online so your department can run smoothly.

Player info, pay-to-play, medical and insurance information, emergency contacts and more get stored in your Registration Manager, and VNN’s proprietary syncing technology means rosters on your school’s SportsHub were already created yesterday.

Improving the process one community at a time.

Mobile-friendly athlete registration made easy for busy parents on the go.


A streamlined management engine that makes your job easier.

Set-up sports registration in seconds, instantly create rosters on your SportsHub website, and have medical information for every athlete on the field at your fingertips.


Editing functionality that ensures compliance with school standards.

Upload specific-agreements for check-box approval, forms for print-out signatures, and customize online eSignature text for both parents and students.


Collect fees simply and securely with one click.

Set pay-to-play fees, direct deposit to your school’s account, and charge a parent’s credit card only when their student makes the team.


Effortlessly raise money for teams with donation campaigns.

Create a campaign, assign it to any sport, and watch your teams get what they need – no car wash required.


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