Schedule Sync

If you are syncing your schedules with a third party source all of your future schedules will be on your website upon completion (if they aren’t there yet, we might be missing some info from you so just let us know).

Overnight your schedules on your website will update from the schedule source they are syncing with i.e if you make a change to a schedule today, that update will appear the next morning. However, you do have the ability to do a manual sync if you would like the change to show up sooner.

Manually Syncing your Schedules

1. Click on “Scheduler”.
2. Select the team that you would like to do a manual sync for.
3. Click “schedule”.
4. At the top right click the “sync” button

After a few minutes your sync will process for that team and all future  games/events will be updated on your website

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